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B2B MARKETER & copywriter.


Kelly Parkinson is me. I am 80% B2B copywriter, 20% extra bonus features. More than fifteen years experience as a writer, editor, and marketer makes me a capable partner for startups and companies who want to rise above the fray. I was part of the original team of writers at a 2000-era dot com that evolved into, and since those humble beginnings, I have descended even deeper into ever more humble beginnings, as every day I awake and start all over again, with a fresh draft of copy that has never been written before. My writing has helped to launch startups like New Relic and Pantheon, along with generating leads for established brands like HP, Salesforce, and My clients tend to exclaim, “You’re so much more than a copywriter.” Yes, I am. In B2B, this should be a requirement.

Making impossible-to-ignore content does not happen in a vacuum. And it doesn’t happen in 8-hour increments. I create the conditions needed to do good work by keeping a consistent schedule during daylight hours; making space for client collaboration and for solitary focus; for online research and noodling; and for writing and not writing. I do not stay up until 3am thinking of headlines. I save all the excitement for 9am. (And for our next meeting, of course.)

If you want someone who’s always available and infinitely scalable, please, for the love of all that is holy, look elsewhere. Hire me if you want a collaborator to make your content impossible to ignore, so your business can grow and scale.

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