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    There’s a magic word for growing a business. It’s called momentum. When you have it, opportunities spring up wherever you go. Sometimes they even jump out of vans. Your best clients refer their best partners and customers. High-value decision makers arrive ready to say yes. That’s starting to become a pattern around here.But building momentum is hard. No one seems to agree on where to start. I believe there is a best place to start.
    What messages would position you so well that your highest-value buyers and partners couldn’t ignore you? What marketing strategies and copy would bypass all the usual objections and build credibility and rapport? This is Wonder Grow. It helps you and your team build the momentum that grows your business.
    Once you’re clear on what needs to happen and why, so much can happen in a day. Watch the Wonder Series to see the good stuff.


Growth hacker, marketing strategist, & B2B copywriter.


I love watching my clients do great things after working with me.

  • New Relic went on to become an industry leader after I helped them launch to developers and enterprise decision-makers. Their messaging promised developers X-ray vision into their own performance issues, right down to the line of code. The specific “line of code” message helped them visualize their victory moments. More than 1,000 customers joined within the first 3 months of launch. A few years later, they’ve just completed a mezzanine round of funding for $80 million. (
  • Benz Communications targeted HR managers just before annual enrollment, when they were most likely to make a buying decision. Fortune-100 clients engaged the firm after reading the case studies I developed. Buyers said, “I want what Intuit had.” (
  • Amy Berlin launched a technology consulting practice after being out of the technology space for 4 years. Her first 20k proposal was accepted, leading to additional work from this client. The event email I crafted for her presented such a refreshing perspective in her industry that she landed her first corporate client because of it. They called the event organizer and asked for her contact info, because they wanted to hire the person who had written it.
  • Norge Dental won an Addy for my work on their dental website. We offered a downloadable Tooth Fairy Kit through their website and in person. (
  • While they were my client, a sustainability consulting firm won the Renewable Energy Marketer of the Year Award for 2 consecutive years. Another client won a Silver Quill Excellence Award and an Hermes Creative Gold Award for projects I contributed to.

8 more personal achievements I’m proud of:

  • Raised $5,000 in personal donations for the California AIDS Lifecycle, a 7-day, 485-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  • Featured in Psychology Today for my groundbreaking advice to introverts on how to leave a party early.
  • Won a dance contest at a teacher’s convention at the Marriott.
  • Secured and maintained the #1 position in Google for the term “douche-free bio.”
  • Structured and developed curriculum for teaching English as a Foreign Language in Guinea for the Peace Corps, where I taught three classes of more than 100 high school students each.
  • Featured in Businessweek.