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A new website! But where’s Copylicious?

Thank you for noticing. Isn’t it lovely?

So far, I’ve conducted tiny experiments by the dozen—on my own business and on willing participants. I’m probably conducting an experiment right now! You might call them growth hacks—simple ways to get better results than the ways we’ve been told. A few of my favorite hacks:

  • Created a marketing bubble planner because I can’t stick to a schedule & I wanted to get points for doing things when I felt like it, instead of when I was supposed to
  • Got a 41% response rate by using LinkedIn InMails instead of cold calls
  • Grew my business by doing less networking and more online content creation
  • Designed a personality-based content creation method so a team of people can collaborate, even if they hate to write
  • Developed a Book of Hooks so you never get stuck writing again.
  • Created THE perfect way to write if you feel alone & are too busy to focus on your own content.
  • Doubled my productivity overnight by identifying the 1 thing I needed to feel motivated every day.

I’d love to figure everything out once and for all and stick to the plan. But I can’t stop running tiny experiments, and the results keep inspiring change.

Tiny experiments led to this new website, as I recognized that the end of the Copylicious era was upon us.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having business-name separation anxiety.

Most people know me as a copywriter, and for that, Copylicious has been the best handle I could ask for. “I need copy” a colleague says. “Go see Copylicious,” you might say, and thanks to this dynamic, demand for my services has exceeded availability for more than 6 years.

I’ve been lucky. Copy helps you sell more with less effort. It’s an obvious trigger.

And for years, people have come for the copy, but stayed for the strategy.

Here’s the thing. Copy isn’t the correct starting point if you want to grow your business. It’s not even the fastest starting point.

If you truly want to sell more with less effort, then your first step isn’t a giant list of deliverables.

It’s the right strategy.

“Well, thanks, Captain Obvious,” you might say. “How do you tell a right strategy from a wrong strategy?”

I will tell you!

The right strategy is iterative and agile. It uses all 6 conditions for business growth. It lets you grow by building on your wins, through a progression of tiny, doable experiments. You’re never tasked with a giant mountain of to-dos. And your first step isn’t necessarily pages of creative, brilliant, poetic copy, nor striking design.

You’re gradually building credibility and rapport using proof points, hooks, and clear next steps.

It’s all a series of tiny experiments.

My term for the consistent application of these tiny experiments is “Wonder Grow.”

This is how I’ve actually grown my business. One tiny experiment after the other. And it’s how every other business I know has grown.

Copy isn’t really a deliverable. It’s a tiny experiment.

You start small. You experiment, you test, and then you do more of what people responded to. You use the profits from each step to build momentum.

I’m ready for people to come for the business growth strategies, but stay for the copy.

“Oh, no. Not another restaurant that wants to teach me how to cook.”

I agree. What good is a strategy without implementation? It’s nothing more than food porn without the right chef to pull it together. Details matter just as much as big ideas.

Lest you get the wrong idea, these two things are still the same:

  1. My clients can still come to my restaurant & order a 5-course meal. In other words, copy still gets produced around here. And it is delightful.
  2. Everyone gets strategy. I just can’t help myself.

These things are different now:

  1. No client gets “just copy” anymore. Copy is one thing we do together, but it isn’t the first thing, or even the most valuable thing. Start with the Wonder Grow Strategy Day, & come away with a doable business growth plan, with positioning and messaging strategies to guide you & your team over the next 2 months, and beyond. There’s more to say about this, & it will be revealed once I’ve wrapped up the Wonder Grow series. (If you’re already on the Secret Scouts list or the Content Dreamhouse list, then you’re already signed up!)
  2. On this blog and in email, I’m focused on sharing real stories & results. Gone are the days of how to get a truck driver to trust you and how I won a dance contest at the Marriott. You’ll see more posts like how to write a douche-free bio, and how to promote your business on LinkedIn. Not just steps, mind you, but real-world stories and examples. If I do have something random to share, like how to get anyone to do the dishes, or how to get out of a speeding ticket, I’m more likely to share it with my email list.
  3. More focus on action & tiny experiments. I want to hear, “Hey, I tried that tiny experiment last week, and it worked!” Or, “I tried & it failed–what should do differently next time?” If it’s something you can do now to grow your business, without getting tangled in to-do lists, then I want to share it, explore it, test it, & throw wild parties for it.

What is it that makes some businesses shoot up like beanstalks–while others wilt under the same sun?

In my experience, a business needs six conditions to grow. Sign up for the series to collect them all. This won’t ever make it into the blog, so you’ve got to commit! Once the series is firmly implanted in your brain, we’ll move into the fun stuff. Conducting tiny growth experiments on our own businesses, and reporting the results. I can’t wait!

The old “Copylicious” links will always work, by the way, so don’t fret if you’ve linked to my stuff in the past (and thank you for that!). But the official business URL is Come say hi!

4 Responses to A new website! But where’s Copylicious?

  1. KathyM says:

    Hi Kelly! I’ve been following Copylicious for ages — just wanted to give you a virtual hug and say “Go girlfriend!”

    I love what you said about little experiments — looking back, I can see my whole business as a series of little experiments. Although when I’m in the middle of one, it tends to feel not so little, because it always seems like THE ONE experiment — !

    Can’t wait to see where this takes you next… =^)

  2. This post is speaking right to me. As a scientist turned Life Coach I love the idea of experimentation – and all of the little hacks you mention totally speak to the “why yes I’ll take a little sample of that!” side of me that love small bits and pieces. Looking forward to learning more!

  3. Jeremy Dent says:

    What you are describing is not strategy, it’s the iterative search for a business model that works.

    Nice development from Copylicious to Wonder Grow. Sounds like a powerful business compost!

  4. Lynn Catlin says:

    Hello Kelly,
    I found your site this week when I searched for information on writing a Speaker’s Bio. I’m due to submit my first Abstract for a technical conference next week. I’m now, at least, not freaked out. We’ll see how the weekend goes!

    My wife is dreaming/scheming on her own business plans for the near future… Can’t wait to show her your site!


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